Welcome to an evocative collection of freedom themed photographs, a generous visual response by over two hundred talented photographers.

Individually the images illustrate personal notions of freedom, collectively they articulate the nuance of freedom itself from multiple perspectives. A compelling mix of peace, nature, play and love have been captured, alongside urban patterns, portraits, and images articulating identity and the need for equality.

As you move through the gallery, you'll hear sounds playing, pausing, overlapping, and halting. Musician Juga-Naut responded to visual moments in the photographs to produce ‘Fragments of Freedom’.

A collage of recorded sounds and voices, gently connecting us to the photographs and each other in new ways.

In a time of societal challenge, enabling people to contribute to something collectively and freely is an intentional moment of solidarity, openness, and creative joy. Thank you to everyone who joined our very first open call exhibition, to our award selection panel Brian Griffin, Ofilaye and Amanda Sinclair, and the Arts Council England for supporting this project.

Click here to listen to Juga-naut's Fragments of Freedom