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Arts award with the museum

Our Arts Award Explore offer explores social justice, empathy and creativity. Discover more about the Arts Award and take part.

Saturday 6 May, 11am-1pm


Paper Crane Poets Workshop

Join the Paper Crane Poets Collective on Saturday 6th May for a writing adventure in the Museum’s Project Lab.

Friday 14 April, 10am-12pm


Stitched Leaf Hanging

You may have tried stitching, drawing, and making art before, but have you ever been creative using simply the leaves we see around us every day?

Friday 21 April, 10am - 12pm


Creative Bowl Décor Workshop

Join artist Michelle Hubbard to decorate a small ceramic bowl with words, patterns and drawings inspired by a fascinating bowl from the National Justice Museum collection.

Friday 28 April 10am - 12pm


Modroc Sculpture Workshop

Join artist Ismail Khokon to create your own original Modroc sculpture.

Friday 31 March, 10am - 12pm


Animation Cinema on an Umbrella

Join Clare Taylor to turn simple drawings into an animated feast for the eyes on a spinning umbrella!

Saturday 17 May, 11am - 3pm


Smallkid Graffiti Workshop

Drop by the National Justice Museum to take part in a communal ‘compassionate’ artwork as it emerges on the steps of the building.